Job security rests not on who you work for. Companies come and go all the time. People are beginning to realize that they are their own job security. The chances that you will work for the same company throughout your life are slim to none. That’s not to say that the company you work for will go out of business. But due to the natural changes of life and technology, industries rise and fall. Companies downsize when the economy dips. Nothing is certain.

Your personal job security should lie with yourself. Have faith in what you can do. Pursue your passions. Believe in yourself no matter what.  When times are good, don’t be complacent. Pursue higher education. Care about the health of the company you work for. Develop business relationships, nurture your connections at work, network whenever possible. If you ever lose your job in the future, your well connected contacts and your upgraded skills may be the best investment you’ve ever made.