Working At Home Isn’t Perfect Either

If your dream is to find a job where you can work from home don’t think it’s that great either. If you’re seriously considering embarking on a stay at home job then read these points on why it could be problematic.

  • It’s hard work. It all depends on you. When you work at home as a freelancer or just self employed running your own business, there is an immense pressure on you. At a regular job it’s not your responsibility to care for the health of the company at all times. Sometimes you can take some time off for a vacation or just slack off at work for hours at a time.
  • No tech support. Have a computer problem? You’re on your own. Don’t bother asking co-workers or taking the issue up with the IT department. You’ll have to take your computer to a repair shop if you run into a big problem.
  • Staying physically fit. When you work from home you have the tendency to not dress up, not go out and sit all day. This leads you to become pale and overweight. The lack of social contact is also a concern.
  • Trouble staying focused. There are constant interruptions at home such as personal phone calls, the television, people knocking on the door and taking care of children or pets.