Work Your Social Network To Get A Job


The great thing about LinkedIn is that it connects people to a wide network of people looking for jobs and people looking for employees. It’s like an easy to index and segment job market where jobseekers and employers meet.

This isn’t the secret sauce to LinkedIN though. Frankly, there are tons of other job boards and job market platforms on the Internet and most of them are dying or stagnant. The real magic with LinkedIN is that it uses social networks and connections to create opportunities.

How? Just as you wouldn’t be willing to buy immediately if a stranger launches into a sales pitch when you enter a random building, you wouldn’t hire some person who emails you his or her resume. You will have to do some research first. You have to scope the person out to make sure this person can do the job and, most importantly, you can trust the person.

All this takes a lot of effort and resources. LinkedIN cuts through all that by connecting people based on people they know. In other words, by bridging connections, LinkedIN leverages the fact that one person is recommended or referred by another person as a mechanism of establishing trust. Compare this to a pool of random people where you don’t know anyone from Adam.

Now that you know the power of social networks, here are some key tips on how to work them to your advantage.

Act professionally

Sure, it might be very tempting and even actually funny if you post that picture of you snorting cheetos when you were drunk but if you want to get a job using social networks, you need to watch your professional profile online. The truth is, you are always ‘branding’ yourself when you post stuff on your social network account.

You have to watch what you say and what you share. Sharing is an issue? You bet it is-everything you share implicitly says you approve or condone or are concerned with the message. In other words, you link your ‘brand’ with it. So be very careful regarding the signals you send out.

Show your expertise

Share materials that highlight your genuine passion about and interest in a particular subject matter. Become the ‘go to’ person for a particular category of content. Your fame will precede you and people will start referring people to you. Of course, this doesn’t happen overnight but that shouldn’t stop you from starting now. Devote a few minutes daily and see how your online prestige can build up.