Before a company is going to hire you they may perform a background check. Depending on the company they can be extremely thorough. Surely before they do this they’ll get a signature from you allowing them to check you out. It makes sense for a company to research somebody before letting you into their work family. If they don’t and something happens like a co-worker is assaulted, this co-worker could sue the company, claiming they did not do enough to protect him/her. The company will want to limit their legal liability just in case and perform background checks and drug tests.

So just what’s in a background check anyway? In short, it’s everything. A comprehensive background checkcan consist of any of the following things..

  • court records which should show criminal cases or any civil suits.
  • motor vehicle reports
  • your credit report

The company will do their best to verify your work history and education as well to see if they find discrepancies. The company will undoubtedly contact your references as well. So make sure and ask your references if you could include their contact info on your resume. This will allow them to be ready if and when that phone call arrives.