As we mentioned in a previous post, after your interview it is good etiquette to send a thank you letter. Your resume was chance #1 to make an impression, your interview was chance #2 and your thank you letter is chance #3 so don’t miss it. So just what do you write in a thank you letter? Use this handy guide to help you out..

Start off by thanking them for giving you the opportunity to show why you’d be a good fit for their company. Let them know that you were impressed by the culture of the company and that the philosophy of the company was exactly as you had hoped it would be.

Next, state why you were glad to mention your time working at a startup company a few years ago because it showed them that you’re excited and motivated to help grow this company like you did with another one before. Then discuss a particular aspect of the job that you would find appealing and say why you’d be successful at it.

If there was a negative issue that was brought up during the interview feel free to address it in the thank you letter. This could be something that came up on a background check, a bad reference or your lack of experience.

Wrap it up, show them that you are excited / interest / motivated in the position and thank them again for the opportunity to meet them in person.