You’ve heard it before, the most important and lasting impression is the first impression. The first impression is comprised of their first look at you and the greeting. When deciding what type of wardrobe will be appropriate for your job interview you must know the company and position you’ll be vying for. If you’re interviewing for a new company full of youthful and exciting people you’ll want to be more casual than if you’re seeking the position of bank manager at the local branch. With that said, you should never show up to your job interview not looking your best.

Here are some tips for guys on how to look for their job interview.

  • Get a haircut and shave. Make sure your appearance is clean.
  • Wear a suit in a darker color. Be comfortable wearing a suit because it will show if you’re fidgeting too much with your attire.
  • Have your shoes shined. Wear black shoes and black socks with no designs on them.

For women it is more difficult and complicated, but try and follow the “don’t try too hard” principle. Here are some tips for women on how to look for their job interview.

  • Keep your jewelry to a minimum. A rule of thumb is, if it’s making noise as you walk it’s most likely too much.
  • Don’t apply too much perfume. You’re not getting the job based on how you smell. The only thing that will do is add a distraction.
  • Don’t wear short skirts or show too much cleavage. Remember this is a job interview.
  • In closing, if you dress good and look good you’ll feel good and do good.