Ways to Make the CV Stronger


Your CV is literally the very first thing that someone sees when they are offering you a job. This is nothing less than a true reflection of you. It is this one sheet which has the power to make or break your chances with this firm. This is why you must always ensure that you have a very strong CV. However, getting it correct can be quite tricky. The key idea is to make your CV stand out amongst the plethora of applications they receive. Read ahead to find out ways to make your CV stronger.

  1. Organised: Firstly, your CV must be organised. This means that it should follow a sequence. It is totally understandable there are a number of points that you need to put in. but, this does not give you the license to make it look cluttered. This is why you must have different sections for each and every subheading such as past experiences, educational qualifications, skills and much more. It is also recommended that you must follow a chronological order so that the reader is not confused at all
  2. Know your reader: This means that your CV should be relevant to the post that you are applying to. In case you are applying for the role of a content writer, then your past experiences and achievements should be with regard to writing and not sports or something in the fashion industry. In fact, the skills that you note down must also be relevant to that which is needed by the company for this particular post. If there are certain qualities mentioned in the job advertisement that you saw, then you may include those as well. This will make the employer feel that you are someone who is just the perfect match.
  3. Use bullets: You must ensure that you use bullets and come up with a CV that has clarity in abundance. If you put in all information just one after the other or in continuous sentences, then it gets difficult for the reader to register so much. On the contrary, if your CV has bullets and arrows to indicate new points, then it can be remembered faster and also makes your CV longer which sets an impression that you have a lot of merit and potential in your kitty.

Ask for a second opinion: this is another consideration to make your CV strong. This means that you must ensure that you ask for a second opinion. It is true that you will prepare your CV to the best of your knowledge. However, the moment you present it to someone else and ask for their honest feedback, they will be able to tell you whether it is indeed impressive or not. This is how you can improve your CV and also have the guarantee that you are on the right track. It is best to ask a professional for help because they will have better understanding of this.