User experience is the most important metric you aren’t measuring

User's expereice

Web based designing, application designing, website design etc. is something of crucial importance for any business using internet and social media as a business medium. The designing of all these things is something that is done very intricately and specifically to give its user the best interface and best experience while browsing their site or using their application or services. But all these efforts may go into vain if we do not take into account the most important factor governing its success, which is the user’s experience. Most of the businesses tend to neglect he user experience which is the single most important metric that should be measured to have a clear cut idea of how well actually your design is catering to the customer’s needs and how useful it is to them. After all the designing is done basically to please the customers and attract followers.

But if the experience of the users while browsing is not satisfactory and they get annoyed with the errors they face which can be due to various reasons, like failing to sign up, not able to get the proper description of the product or services and unorganized content. These issues if not addressed properly can cost you your customers. You need to have a proper mechanism for measuring the user experience metric and work upon it to improve your services. Only the ones using your design i.e the users using the user interface can give you constructive feedback regarding the feasibility and ease of browsing the website or application. Customers rating should be taken into account seriously and genuinely worked upon to improve the performance. The other issue is that most companies are very random in their approach to customer’s rating and do not follow any set standards to segregate them and work upon them effectively.

Customer behavior does not change whether they are in a shopping complex, a store or doing online shopping. Shopping is not just about buying things it is the whole experience that one gets while that entire process is what helps in retaining the customers for longer time. Unsatisfied customer would leave and may never return. Thus measuring customer’s behavior, their attitude, their specific pattern and their experience is extremely important to help you gauge any problem and improve upon it to deliver your customer the best in class experience with whatever service you provide.