Smart phones are the new big thing and there’s no reason to think that their use won’t increase even further. From sending emails to booking reservations, everything is possible with just a swipe of your finger. With their increased convenience, smart phones have become more than just a means for communication to people. Now, more and more firms are turning to smart phones to increase their connectivity with their customers and boost productivity and success. With the right tools and apps, you can use your phone to save time and be more productive at work. It allows entrepreneurs to manage their business no matter where they are, making it very convenient for them and differentiating themselves from their competition. Here are a few ways in which smart phones make an Entrepreneur’s life easier:

1) Improves Customer Service: With the rapid increase in technology, it’s become much more convenient for customers to connect with their retail brands in case of queries. With their text chat and live video assistance, smart phones have made customers feel confident in their purchasing decision and improved the customer experience. Businesses can take advantage of mobile web or smartphone apps to continuously engage and interact with customers.

2) Advertising: Your business can benefit from advertisements that go directly to your customer’s phones. Nowadays, people have become so attached to their phones, that you literally have a 24 hr access to your customers. So, in this way you can reach you potential customers whenever and wherever you want, expose your service to a new and growing audience. Also Mobile advertising is quite cheap when compared to television or radio advertisements. So, don’t be shy to send your customers repeated messages and reminders of your offerings. The chances of a potential customer seeing a mobile ad are greater than that of most other forms of advertising today.

3) Process Payments: With apps like PayPal, Paytm and Google Wallet, payment by cash is just history for us. We can now make purchases in stores and transfer money to other accounts with just a wave of your mobile. Being quite inexpensive and convenient, Mobile payments are considerably quicker to pay than conventional credit cards and hence help increase customer base and sales. All of your information is stored in the application each time you make a purchase with your mobile device. On top of that, small businesses using mobile payments can now track the product they are selling to understand customer demands. Not only can you now access payment information, but you can understand your customers more and use that information to improve your service giving yourself much more of an edge over your competitors.