Traits that Make you a Leader

good leader

Having a great idea is not enough to achieve the success you have been imagining about. The right plan and execution is what makes a dream come alive. And this is what separates a leader from a daydreamer. As it is it is difficult to come up with an original idea, the struggle doesn’t end just there. It only merely begins. Getting together a team and fighting all the odds are just the part of the game called life! Here are some qualities that every great leader should have and emphasize on.


There is no concocted recipe or derived formula for achieving that picture perfect success. Every journey is unique and a bittersweet one. There might come situations that you have never faced before. But as a leader you have to take the decision, and that is where your gut feeling comes in.


“Alone we can do so little and together so much.”

As rightly said by the great Helen Keller, that is how a leader should be. What a separates a leader from a follower is the ability to get things done from others. A leader is a good delegator and distributes work according to the existing capabilities of the those under him/her. A leader is not one who does all the work, he is the one who brings the whole team together.

“What I can do you cannot and what you can do I cannot but together we can do great things.”

Trust is build mutually. And trusting your team shouldn’t be confused as a sign of weakness. Delegating work to the appropriate departments  is one of the most important things that one can learn as a leader. It will also free up your time to focus on greater things.


For proper functioning of a team, every member needs to be on the same page and for that there should be no barrier among themselves. But this a problem that every team is battling. This requires effective communication with one another. Most of the times it is communication barrier that becomes the spoiler. To get things accomplished, having a clear thought in your own head is not quite enough. If the person in front of you is responding with a blank face then you know where the problem is. Connect with the people is extremely necessary. And as a leader your thoughts should reach the workers without any misunderstanding so that the whole team is able to work towards that single goal.


It won’t take much time for a team to shatter if the leaders themselves get discouraged in dire times. As a leader, it is part of your job to douse fires and keep the team’s spirits high. You cannot afford to lose your calm. The ability to keep the ship from sinking in the storms is what makes the captain a captain. As a leader, you are the captain of your team and storms are a part of the journey. It too shall pass. A team looks up to it’s leader. It is your job to keep the team motivated to move ahead.


A team looks upon its leader for inspiration. If you set a bad example yourself then do not expect your team to bring laurels to the organisation either. They follow what they see. There is no greater motivation than seeing your boss work as hard as yourself. It shows that everyone is working equally hard and provides a morale boost to the employee to keep up the good work. And if you keep your promises then your team members too will keep theirs.