The Top Ten Law Practices

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Graduates from law school are taken for granted to solve any matter that you take up to them. Although they are licensed to practice all types of cases with the exception to a few, but there are specialists in every field and we bet you didn’t know all this.


  1. Civil lawyer

Anything that is non criminal comes under the work area of civil lawyers. From a small case of landlord to breach of documents, anything can be handled by a civil lawyer. It is an all encompassing field including issues of employment, real estate, business et cetera.

  1. Criminal lawyer

They defend the accused against  prosecution by the government. Now the alleged crime done by accused may range from shoplifting to serious crimes such as drug trafficking and murder.

  1. Intellectual property lawyer(IP)

Anything relating to protection of intellectual property, intangible, that is one which cannot be touched comes under the specialization of intellectual property lawyers. The work area of an IP lawyer can be further divided into three fields, copyright, trademark and patent law. Some lawyers only deal with copyright and trademark issues while others in patents cases. This is because practicing patent law requires additional licensing and knowledge in the technical area like engineering, software, or science. There are IP lawyers who will help you in filing for IP rights and get all your paperwork done and then there are IP litigators who will fight the legal battle in the courtroom.

  1. Arbitration lawyer

Out of the court settlements are handled by arbitration lawyers. They are cost effective alternative to solving disputes and is usually mentioned in one of the clauses in the contract that individuals get into.

  1. Competition lawyer

Competition law helps in promoting and maintaining healthy competition in the market. Any antitrust or anti-monopoly (as said in China and Russia)   moves by a company is checked by competition lawyers. Such cases are taken up by them. Merger control, cartels and dawn raids, competition litigation, market and sector investigations, abuse of dominance, state aid, public procurement and utilities regulation are some of the aspects of competition law.

  1. Immigration lawyer

It is a long process of filing papers and documents before you get an actual work visa to get employed abroad. That is where the role of immigration lawyers comes in. They handle all this.

  1. Corporate or business lawyer

Business law is a broad field including intellectual property, tax, mergers and acquisitions too. Some may focus only on starting up your business and some others may take up cases from all the cases ranging from employment issues to filing suits. Business lawyers deal with making contracts and

  1. Mergers and acquisitions lawyer (M&A)

Buying and selling of companies are dealt by mergers and acquisitions lawyer. The buying and selling of companies is a long and tedious process and it requires the lawyers to be well versed in tax, security and finance laws. So are M&A lawyers.

  1. Tax lawyer lawyers mainly help businesses in filing their tax returns making sure that all legalities are in order. But they also play the role of defence lawyers when matters go out the hand and the IRS audits you and you face potential jail time and fine.

  1. Employment and Labour lawyer

Their work is exactly what their name sounds like. They handle cases related to implementation of labour laws in businesses and workplace. In this too there are transactional and litigation lawyers. The former one look after the drafting of contracts while hiring the employee and the litigators fight the case when any law or clause is violated.