Top 5 Most Influential Nature Photographers of all times

Nature Photographer

For all those photography enthusiasts and amateurs photographers, we bring to you a list of the most influential Nature Photographers ever- men who have left a lasting impact on the society and the future photographers. These people have amazed the world with their striking pictures and photography techniques. Let us take a moment to remember the camera geniuses.

  • Ansel Adams

    A photographer, as well as an environmentalist, Ansel Easton Adams was very popular for his black and white landscape images, typically of the western part of the United States. Born in early 1900s, he was very committed to conserving the lands he photographed. He is one of the most influential photographers, who establish photography as an art.

  • Eliot Porter

    If Ansel Adams was a pioneer for black and white photography, Eliot Porter was something of a legend when it came to color photography. He clicked some very exquisite images of birds and scenic landscapes. Again, he too was well known for his strong commitment to environmental conservation. He had his own new ways of showcasing nature, by shooting pictures that captured the very essence of forests and rivers, with an avian force and sheer brilliance.

  • David Muench

    Another revered landscape photographer on the list would be the great David Muench. This well known photographer is 80 years today, and has depicted the western USA for about 50 long years. His sharp eye for details and experience has earned him work in many magazines, posters, and private collections. For him, every photograph is a journey in perception, an exploration in seeing.

  • Philip Hyde

    If we talk about photography and nature, Philip Hyde is someone who has done more than justice to this art form. His evocative and expressive pictures depicting wilderness has been constantly used as a weapon of protest in the war against environmental degradation. His pictures actually spoke a thousand words – it this planet isn’t protected, we will everything that appears beautiful today, just like these rivers, mountains, deserts and forests.

  • Subhankar Banerjee

    Can we complete this list without an Indian? The award-winning photographer as well a writer and environmental activist, Subhankar Banerjee is one of the most renowned photographers of the modern times. His book, Arctic National Wildlife was an international sensation and received much critical acclaim. Banerjee has an exquisite take on nature, forcing people to hear the voices of unheard.