An intern is meant to strengthen the work environment of your office, maintain a positive ambience, is enthusiastic about the work culture and staff and save a lot of your time when it comes to hiring more new interns!  Now hiring an intern is no cakewalk. You want to have the best for your company and do not want to miss a potential intern just by analyzing it wrong.

Now to help you with this, here are some of the most important tips that you must take care of while hiring a better intern. Have a look at these!

You need to first outline a clear process for internship right from the start

Now this is one of the most important things that companies need to take care of. They need to have a clear internship process at the outset so that they can tell about it to their interns so that there is no confusion later on. Right at the beginning the interns should be provided with complete details about the program they will be heading towards and what are the various opportunities that they will be provided with so that they can develop themselves.  An intern should be able to understand where they will be starting form in this internship and what they will be finally able to achieve by the end of it.

Ditch that regular pattern of interviewing!

Now many of the companies judge a person based on a few question which are asked almost everywhere and analyze their resumes. Well this pattern has not becomes old and people have become habituated of this.  To have a real assessment of the person that you are interviewing, ask them more technical type of questions and what project they have done in the past, why they did it and how they did it. You questions should focus more on understanding what the person is capable of by evaluating them on the basis of what they have done in the past. for example if you are interviewing for a web development intern, then give them one of your codes and ask them to find a bug in it. So basically try to ask as many practical questions as you can.

Try to test the skills of the students to known how they work in real time

This is one of the best to hire the best interns for your company.  Suppose that you are hiring interns for software developing.  Then bring plenty of computer hand it over to the people who have come for giving the interview. Ask them to show how efficiently they can work in real time by bringing out the best idea of theirs.

Get them frustrated and see what happens next!

Now an intern is the one who will be new to your company.  So they might not have an experience of handling work pressure. So to analyze how they would react when they comes across such situation make them frustrated. Give them a complicated puzzle or anything that may frustrate.  And then analyze their behaviour. See how they react whether they are calm or losing their patience. And you will know they are right for your or not!


Thus by following these above tips, you will eventually be able to find the right interns who can take your company to new heights.