If you’re offered a job don’t immediately take the offer unless you’ve taken the time to think it through. Often times the excitement and flattery may overpower you and you may make a quick decision. Before you make that final decision consider the following questions..

– Are you being given too much responsibility? If something goes wrong, will you be the “fall guy”? This sounds like a stressful job, so only take it if you’re good at handling stressful situations.

– Are there future possibilities for a promotion down the line? If your main goal is to advance in the company it’s good to know if you have a chance of advancement.

– Is the new job too demanding? How are they about giving you days off. Does the new job involve plenty of overtime.

– What is the commuting time? Don’t just take distance into consideration, but the total transit time, as different routes take different times.

– Are you okay with the salary? If not, will there be bonuses to make up for it? What about benefits like health insurance and a retirement plan?