Things that you should Avoid at an Interview


Your interview is one of the first face to face interactions that you are having with your prospective employers. This is why it is very important for everything about you to be impressive. You cannot take a risk and lose the job. While you must have read up about what you need to do and how to answer the questions, you must also know about certain things that are a big “NO” and you need to avoid them. Read ahead to know more.

  1. Do not go numb: This is one of the most common problems that is faced by people who are appearing for an interview. You tend to go numb when you are nervous. The best way to solve this problem is by being relaxed and calm. Do not overthink. You see, it is obvious that you may have certain notions in mind that the recruiter may be strict or may grill you. However, you need to conceal all your worries with confidence. Then again, don’t be over-confident and give off negative vibes. Just answer all that you know and gauge how much is needed in the questions. Every employer wants an all-rounder who is not just a bookworm but also social.
  2. Do not be clumsy: First of all, please do your homework well and find out about the dress code of your office. This is the most vital thing that. A lot of people miss out and just dress anyway they want. Your clothes are the first thing that anyone sees and it plays a major role in setting your impression. After this, you must have all your documents and certificates in place so that there is no problem when they ask you for it. If you go around dropping sheets just to find another one, it looks terrible and your organizational skills are at question.
  3. Do not criticize your last boss: You may have had umpteen number of issues with your last boss. But that does not mean that you start complaining about him here. You are advised to maintain a decorum. You see, if you start ranting at your interview, then the recruiter might feel that you may later jeopardize the name of the company, if you are to leave. No one would ever want such a worker. The answer to this problem is that you do not make any personal comments and remain diplomatic.
  4. Do not be free of any opinions: There are several interview sessions when the recruiters purposely ask you questions so that they get to know about your perspective. But if you keep mum, then it just defeats the point. Always have an opinion. However, do not be too assertive about it. Both the things matter and you need to be able to find a balance. Be confident but do not right too high on horses and lose ground with reality. If you allow space for criticism, it shows that there is space for constructive feedback.