There’s a few popular places where employers go to fill a new position, like at But undoubtedly they will be bombarded with tons of resumes. They’ll pick out a few and grant a few interviews and then eventually hire one lucky individual. There’s another way of landing a job, it’s by applying for unadvertised positions. But if they’re unadvertised, then how are you going to find them? Here are some tips..

  • Company websites. Some companies post job vacancies on their own sites, rather than on job listing sites. If there are some local companies who you want to work for, check their site out and see if they have a jobs page.
  • Alternatively, you could contact the companies you want to work for and ask them directly if there are any positions available. If there aren’t, ask them where they can go to find out if and when there are any job openings available.
  • Get on LinkedIn. This social network is geared towards business. Have a profile and list your talents and work history. It’s possible that an employer may contact you instead of the other way around.
  • Network. Let your friends and your family know that you are looking for a job. Ask them if they know if anyone is hiring. But don’t stop there, ask your barber, your dentist or your do

Network – Let people know you are looking for a job, family, friends, relatives, your dentist or any people in your neighborhood. They can refer you if they know any job openings.

Company Websites – Some companies post their vacancies in their own websites. You can try looking into the companies where you want to work and check their website.

Ask – Any specific company you have in mind, you can just ask them directly if they have vacancies. You can also leave your resume for future vacancies. Your resume can be placed in their job banked and if vacancy arise, they can easily pull out CVs of banked candidates.