The Top 4 Reasons Why ‘The Customer Is Always Right’ Is Wrong

Customer review

The phrase that “the customer is always right” is an old one used earlier to make customers believe in one’s brand and company. It was all used to lure and attract people. It made customers feel powerful and empowered that it is their opinion and taste that matters the most for the success of a company. However this notion of the businesses has little relevance today and it needs to be changed based on certain facts and ideas established over years of witnessing the real and practical situations by various organizations. You can not completely rely on just consumer feedback for the growth and development of your product or service. Changing this notion is the need of today. Blindly trusting customer’s opinions and considering them supreme in every aspect of business could be dangerous for sustained growth of your business. Doing this you neglect other important factors and opinions of other stakeholders involved in the business which are really helpful sometimes. So here are 4 reasons why ‘ the customer is always right’ is wrong.

1. Always putting the customers first and not giving much importance to the employees of the company can make the unhappy and unsatisfied with work. Unhappy employees will not work to the best of their abilities and this will hamper their productivity and efficiency leading to poor performance.

2. Abusive and uncivilized people try to rein under the idea of customer is always right. They may not have any important feedback but the only thing they do is making things harder for the employees working hard for the company. Being nice to nice customers should be taken care of rather than giving unfair advantage to the abrasive ones.

3. Not every customer is good for your business. You need to get away from the fact that the more customers you have the more good it is for your business. Some customers treat servicemen very rudely. The dignity and respect of the employees should be given equal importance.

4. Another bad side effect of keeping customers first can be that it leads to poor customer service. This can be derived from the fact that putting customer’s opinion ahead of employees’ opinion makes them unhappy and hence unhappy employees can never provide the best customer service as they themselves will not like the job they are doing and can never serve with full honesty and sincerity.