The design and the layout of your resume is important. Most of the time resume readers have a huge stack to go through. They quickly skim through them and only really read the ones that stand out. Don’t just do a cookie cutter resume, using no bold, no spacing and just a bunch of text. This makes them harder to read. So how can you make the design and the layout of your resume stand out, yet still be acceptable? Read on for some helpful advice..

  • The font. Don’t use a tiny font that makes it hard to read. Don’t use a fancy font either. Keep your resume professional and easy to read at the same time.
  • The length. Someone once said that a resume should be like a bikini, long enough to cover the topic yet still short enough to keep it interesting.
  • Make it easy. Your resume can be as long as you want it to be, but at least separate it in sections, with bullet points and paragraphs. Just look at how easy this blog and this post is to read, follow the same principle.
  • Italic. Bold. Underline. Rarely is it a good idea to use these within the text of your resume. If you feel you must, don’t overuse them, as it will make your resume distracting.
  • Heading. Put your contact information at the top of your resume. Include your email address as well, but make sure it’s not Keep it professional.