Should Women do Part Time or Full Time Jobs?

Working women

Well, first let’s have a look at the fact that women have finally been able to achieve such a status in society where work and women are associated to one another in a sentence and it is working outside the kitchen. There are several societies and countries that still view women as merely commodities for entertainment or machines to toil hard in the kitchen. But thank fully, the world is progressing. Though this change or development may not be the same through the world and in every part of the globe. It is good that this is happening.

What is a full time job?

A full time job means a place of where where the employees need to work from 9-5. That’s the typical explanation of what a full time job is. Now, let’s consider women with full time jobs. The thing to be noted here is that there is nothing to consider or think. It is absolutely fine if women wish to work all day at an office instead of staying back at home. But, what must be actually noted here is the fact that this is made easier if their family members support them. This may be her boyfriend, her husband of her parents or anyone else. But what is essential here is to encourage her to follow her dreams and aspirations. After all, all the years of education wasn’t just to show off degrees to people but actually put them to use.

What is a part time job?

A part time job means that work can be done depending on the convenience of the employee. In the sense that there are no strict office hours or work hours. Either this convenient time of work is predetermined or it can be changed, as per the terms and conditions of the company. In fact, a lot of part time jobs are home based to allow the employees to engage in other activities as well. Now, the benefit of part time jobs for women is that they may follow other passion as well or any other hobby that they like. In fact, part time jobs are helpful for those women who need to make time to look after the family as well as work to keep earning. This is actually just as challenging as a full time job.

Now, getting back to the initial question of whether women should pick part time jobs or full time jobs. Honestly, the answer is to just choose whatever suits your needs and helps you to earn as much as you can. Both part time and full time jobs have their own sets of pros and cons. Neither one can be said to be better than the other. The key to success here is to identify what suits your needs and go with it. In fact, it is also acceptable if you do not wish to work. It is totally your choice and no one gets to dictate that. But remember that whatever decision you make must be for your happiness. No one is worth any sacrifice in the long run.