The word “motivation” comes from the word “motive,” which means the needs, the yearnings, the wants or the urges within an individual. Motivation inspires us and pushes us or stimulates us in achieving our goals, achieving success, to improve the quality of our life and to satisfy our desires. In simple words, it is the force that pushes us to do various things. Self-motivation is a skill that influences us to do what is to be done without the influence of others. It is an essential skill for one’s self-development.

Self-development is one of the most important qualities that an HR personnel should possess. It is the job of HR personnel to motivate other employees, and for motivating others, the primary requirement is self-motivation.

Here is the Few Importance of Self-Motivation:

  • Increase in personal as well as team productivity: Self-motivation not only results in improving one’s productivity but also increase the productivity of the team. It is the responsibility or the duty of an HR manager to motivate the other members so that they can deliver their best. They have complete faith in themselves, and they also want to project this confidence and enthusiasm on their employees.
  • Reducing stress: If an HR personnel lacks self-motivation, then he may experience stress that will cause self-criticism, negative thoughts, and also criticism for others. Self-motivation helps in removing and controlling regrets.
  • The desire to learn new things: A self-motivated HR personnel will always try to learn new skills for his self-development. He will always look for opportunities to learn different things from different persons and should have the ability to use them in required situations. It also results in self-evaluation. One can identify their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Increases the level of confidence: A self-motivated HR personnel will always act with confidence. He will aim to project this sense of confidence in others so that the goals of the group can be achieved easily.
  • Increases the energy level: A self-motivated HR manager not only increases his energy level but also acts as an energy boost for the other members. This leads to better productivity.
  • Develops a positive attitude: They always develop or carry a positive attitude towards the organization and its members. This creates a sense of willingness among the employees to give their best to achieve the goals of the organization. This reduces absenteeism among the employees and them for a longer time in an organization.
  • Helps in creating a supportive work environment: A self-motivated HR personnel develops a supportive working environment within an organization, where each member trust each other and helps the others in achieving their goals by directly cooperating with them.