Real Estate vs. College – How to Earn More Money with a New Career

Your real estate license is one of the most affordable professional qualifications you can earn. A career in real estate doesn’t require 4 years in college. In fact, unless you’ve already earned a college degree, many entrepreneurs tell you to skip college altogether if you plan a future in real estate. Unless you’re angling for a career as a real estate analyst or something that would require other specialized knowledge, they might be right.

With college comes a lot of student loans, not to mention the opportunity cost of going to school for 4 years instead of getting started building your business. That’s time and debt you could spend saving money and even becoming a property investor.

The low cost of earning your real estate license also means it’s an accessible way to make a career switch. Don’t let post-college tunnel vision reduce your opportunities. There are affordable ways to retrain.

There are tons of great benefits to becoming a real estate agent no matter who you are or what you want to do in real estate. Read on to get more information about succeeding in real estate. Here are some of the ways you can use your real estate license.

Save Money on Real Estate Investments

The standard commission charged by real estate agents is 5%, though that may vary from city to city. That’s a substantial fee to pay on any investment, but if you have a real estate license, you can reduce that fee. The commission is typically split between the buying and selling brokerages, then split between broker and agent. With a favorable commission split with a hands-off broker (such as 70/30 in your favor), you could reduce the cost from 5% to 3.25%.

Raise a Family while Working in Real Estate

Real estate agents are their own bosses. You can take on the amount of work that fits around your lifestyle and schedule. When you’re raising kids, you’re on call 24/7. Real estate gives you the freedom to work around that schedule.

Much of a real estate agent’s work happens at odd hours already. You’ll be meeting clients on lunches, showing houses in the evening, doing open houses on the weekends. Either a sitter or a partner can do much of the childcare when you absolutely need to be out of the house working. Plus, with online courses from real estate licenses schools like RealEstateU, you can also earn your license on your own schedule.

Work Full Time as a Real Estate Agent

Enjoy unlimited earning potential making commissions as a full-time real estate agent. It may take you some time to be at full-time capacity, so many real estate agents start part-time and build from there. However, once you have the clients, you can put in as much work as you want to close more deals and be there when your clients need you.

Real estate is a flexible career. No matter who you are or what your goals might be, real estate can work for you. Sign up for online real estate courses now.