Some jobs will always be in demand, whether the economy is up or down. Some jobs have a bright future while others are dwindling. If you work in a manufacturing job, it’s on the way down. If you do anything that can be outsourced, it’s on the way down. So which jobs have the most promising outlook? Here’s our list of promising careers for the future.

  • Medical lab technician. This occupation doesn’t require too much training like a college degree and healthcare jobs are almost always going to be in the need. As baby boomers age the need for healthcare jobs will only increase in demand.
  • Translator. As foreign companies expand their business into America there is a demand for interpreters. This goes both ways as American companies look to expand overseas as well.
  • Online jobs. You could work as a web designer. You could be their online advertising specialist. You could also work to improve their online presence as a social media manager.
  • Accountant. Only two things are certain in life, death and taxes. A tax preparer will also be employed, not just during tax time but throughout the year as they help individuals incorporate and help businesses reduce their tax liability.
  • Massage therapist. You can earn your certification within a year and find employment either on your own or at an existing company. You could work at a massage parlor, a gym or a rehabilitation clinic.