How to Nail College Interviews

College interview

College is an important stepping stone for every youngster in shaping their career and professional life. Many colleges in the United Sates, the United Kingdom and many other countries, involve personal interview as part of their admission process. This article is going to give some tips to ace your interviews and get into your dream college. Read on:

  • Importance of the interview process in selection of candidates
    What is the weight age of the interview in the final decision of the admission? Well, that completely depends upon the college you are interviewing for. Some colleges conduct these interviews as a medium for the admissions officers and alumni to get to know the candidates a little more than just the application or for the international students this may the most important chance to express their personality and individuality.


  • Strengths and Weaknesses
    While a college essay is on paper, and can be submitted after a careful analysis, an interview is more spontaneous. You have to pool in all your strengths and showcase it to your interviewer in a presentable manner that convinces them that you are capable for the environment of their esteemed institution. It is also equally important to know your weaknesses and work on them so that you don’t give a bad impression. They won’t look for the correct answers, they would be questioning your approach and that you are able to consider, reason, think critically and engage in a dialogue about abstract and practical concepts.


  • Understand what your interviewer wants in a candidate
    The interviewer doesn’t bother much about your bookish knowledge, but your problem solving instincts and you ability to learn. The interviewer wants to know what kind of student you’ve been in high school, what kind of activities you’ve participated in, and how much potential you have for intellectual and social growth. While all these things may have been mentioned in your application, the sole purpose of the interview is to verify those mentioned facts.


  • Research and know everything about the college
    While you concentrate on yourself, it is also important for you to do thorough research about the University you’re applying to. The interview may ask – “So, what excites you the most about our college?” Learn about the philosophy and ideology of the school, its alumni testimonies, and the nature of the programs you wish to enroll into, in fact even the city and its culture. Why do you see yourself studying there and what appeals to you the most is the question you have to answer.


  • Experiences and future choices
    When you are mentioning any of your qualities, have experiences and examples to complement those. Also, take out time to think about what you would want to do after you get out of college. Having a clear picture about your future career goals is impressive.