Make your First Impression at the New Job


Everybody in this world has that one moment to fear and enjoy at the same time i.e. his/her first job. There are mixed emotions of fear, tension, anxiety, nervousness, happiness, excitement, etc. The interesting part is that everything is outrightly visible on your face. While it is chance of proving yourself and be a part of the family, it is also a matter of your own self – respect and abilities. It is important that you make your first impression as the best and lasting impression that will always strike one’s mind while he/she thinks of you.

Making your first impression begins the moment you react to any situation in front of you. There are always eyes and checks on the way a new employee behaves. Whatever domain you be in, everybody will get to have their ways and means of screening you throughout. They will keep testing your abilities, your knowledge, your style, your communication, your behaviour and a lot of such stuff. So it is better to be prepared before hand and make your first impression as the one that get you praises.

When it is making your impression, you must not go too far away from your original self and fake things. People can make out this too. There are certain things that you will have to adjust with but once you are very much part of the organisation, you can expect relaxed atmosphere. Till then it’s a daily test which you can pass very easily. Only keeping your senses and alert systems open will suffice. And then the other employees will also open up making you feel free.

While at the new job, your impression could be judged by the way and to people you talk. Because apart from the work you do, it is the applied effort of your colleagues that will get the workflow. So try to talk pleasantly and respectfully with everybody. Greet everyone with a smiling face and keep things to the basics of making it big in the industry. Amidst all this be sure to keep a thin line between people you should talk to and people you can avoid talking to. And even though you are new person and new to the work, that does not in any way mean that you cant have issues to talk to. You can always raise your voice but in a polite way so as to not demean anybody but put your point too. Because it is often that out of fear the fresh joiners try to adjust with whatever they are subjected to.

The next key element to your impression is to talk less and listen more. This way at meetings or general break time you can clearly understand the vibe and culture of the office and the people. Try to learnt the typical behaviour of the office. Don’t involve yourself in any gossips or fights as this could be a trap. Try to blend in but not forcefully or at the cost of your abilities and/or self-respect. Make your work desirable and complete things on time. Even though others may not be punctual enough but make sure you make it on time every morning.

All these little things, tips and observations just add to your first impression and shape it well.