How to Make Most of Your Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook has become a significant platform for you to establish your startup company. It has become one of the most cost effective ways to build awareness and interest in your products. It helps your business reach two billion Facebook users worldwide. But all you should care about is your target audience. So, advertising on Facebook would still be like flushing your money down the toilet because you won’t reach your audience without an efficient strategy. So, we bring you some tips to improve your Facebook advertisements to entice more customers:

1) Audience Insights:

Facebook offers various tools to help you narrow down your target audience. Audience Insights is one of them which help you learn more about your target crowd. It helps you keep track of information about them such as their location and language, Facebook pages liked, their purchase activity, etc. It allows marketers to view anonymous and aggregate insights while keeping people’s privacy in mind.

2) Landing Pages:

Landing page basically is a chosen destination URL that doesn’t refer to your website’s home page. Instead of wasting your time searching the company’s home page for the product you saw in the ad, you are taken to a specific landing page which gives you more information about the ad you saw earlier and hence saves a lot of your time. Your home page might be the central location for your leads, but may not click with everyone’s needs. So, in that case a landing page might come in handy.

3) Ad copy and Image:

An ad should tailored in such a way that it speaks directly to the people. So, you should try to design the ad copy and image as appealing and eye-catching as possible but keeping your audience preferences in mind. It’s much easier to attract high attention with a small audience segment than with a large, broad audience. With that in mind, try to create different ads for each segment on the basis of their preferences in order to appease everyone. You can even use multiple creatives to attract more attention and engagement on your ad. But it is important for you to be easily recognizable. So, it is important to maintain the same tone in order to achieve that.

4) Call to action:

The Call to Action (CTA) is basically a button that links to a destination on or off Facebook designed for tactical campaigns. For example, you can use a button saying “Shop Now” instead of “Read more” if you’re trying to sell a product.