Lying is for the Weak

lying is for the weak

“If someone lies to you once, he’ll lie to you a thousand times. Lying is for thieves and cowards.”

Every time you lie to yourself about not having to make notes, because you tell yourself that you’ll remember everything, every time you lie to your teacher about your mother not being well, for not completing your homework, every time you hide something from a friend, just to spare him/her from hurting their feelings, every time you make a New Year resolution just to break it a week later, every time you lie to yourself about starting your diet next Monday, a Monday that never comes, every lie in your CV- every lie, however small, becomes a habit. When you lie about something, there is another lie to in order to explain the first lie, and after that another lie, and so on. And then there are excuses for these lies. When you lie, you are admitting your weakness, to yourself. When you lie you are being a hypocrite. And hypocrites are scared of the truth.

Why do we lie? To escape punishment, to escape responsibility, to escape confrontations, to escape reality. We lie, when we pretend to be someone we are not, to impress people who don’t care for us, to boost ourselves up, in the eyes of others. We lie when we feel our self esteem is being threatened. We lie to avoid social conflicts. We lie when we are too weak to accept the truth, but we are not afraid to face the troubles if we get caught.

For each of your lies, you either get caught, or people believe you. If you get caught, people tend to mistrust you from then onwards. Habitual liar is usually a lonely person- not having much of a reputation. But if you manage to deceive people, assuming you are smarter than others, you will have to probably lie again, since you’ll have to base your decisions of false grounds. It becomes difficult to make free and open decisions about concerned matters, because now you have a lie to hide. You may have to make a decision which you otherwise may not have made. Lying becomes a habit, a lifestyle. You lie once, you have a weird sense of power, and then you lie again. White may not get you into trouble with law, but if you lie about your business, your legal documents, or even lying on your resume, can get you into some serious trouble.

Lying may seem really simple at first, but coping up with every lie you’ve told, sometimes even remembering it as it is becomes difficult. A mask of deception may look attractive, but you will always have the fear of it falling off, right on the stage, when everybody is still watching your show.

The logic is simple. Every time you have an urge to lie about something and get away, ask yourself: ‘Do I want to lead a life that involves playing fake characters, rather than showing a little courage at this stage, and being what I really am? ‘