You were given two ears and just one mouth. So you should listen twice as much as you speak. The ability to listen is more important than the ability to talk. In whatever job you’re applying for, listening to your co-workers, superiors and the customer is very important. Instead of pushing the product (you) down the throats of the buyer (hiring manager), listen to their needs.

But don’t just listen, ask them questions too. What does the company want? This will show that you are seeing if this is a good fit for you. Address the points mentioned in the job flyer and why you’d be a good fit. This shows them that you read it and took the time to tailor your answers to them, instead of just giving canned responses like other interviewers do. These hiring managers have been doing interviews all day and they’ve just been listening the whole time to people talking about themselves. So be different and let them talk for a change.