The Key to Cracking GMAT

Hola GMATians. Wassup?

Another month cut off the countdown to GMAT 2018. Don’t get nervous or worried, the closer we get to GMAT the faster we are going to pace up our preparation, ok?

Let’s make sure we don’t let March pass by without teaching us something relevant and very important – Reading Comprehension.

I don’t know your current level of friendship with this particular topic, but it does not have a pleasant history with GMAT aspirants since ages. But let’s hit a milestone of not entering the summer without a good hold on RCs, and try and make such mini-milestones for all your tough topics. Deadlines help, trust me.

So here is some pro guidance packed in an amazing article that every GMAT aspirant must read.

Why? Because it tells you all this:
• Reading comprehension process and the types of passages
• Knowledge, skills and dispositions needed while comprehending a text
• Six canons to better and faster reading
• Comprehension process of proficient readers
• Reading as a visual process and the key to rapid reading
• Tips that form the basis of reading
• RC practice questions with answers

These are the nuances that will set you apart from the competition when it comes to the major part of the verbal section – RCs.

(1) If someone is telling you that RCs don’t have to be read thoroughly to answer the questions, that person is surely lying to kill you off the game. It is very important to read the entire passage very carefully and have a rough outline of the major details in the first read. You need to develop a mental map of the different subjects the passage talks about and what may be useful to answer the questions the follow.

(2) After the first read you need to have a good look at the questions, and then skim through the passage again, but very briefly. Don’t spend more than a minute for this.

(3) The first and the last paragraphs are very important, no matter what.

(4) Give extra attention to words like “but”, “however”, “although”, “nevertheless”, “still”, etc.

(5) It is always very important to have a proper idea of the central theme of the passage and what the author’s stand is on the issue taken up. And, you will understand the central idea once you read through the passage carefully, the very first time. Otherwise you’ll be simply reading it over and over again, wasting too much time unnecessarily.
Make good use of this gem.