How To Get Your Resume Read By A Human

Yes believe it or not nowadays it’s hard just to get your resume in front of a human being. All you’re asking for is the chance or the opportunity to sell yourself to this company. The least they could do is read it, right? Well plenty of large companies are now using computer software (an applicant-tracking system) to scan resumes and accept / reject them. Only those that appear in their search results will be shown to the human resources department.

So how can you get your resume read by a real human? Well it’s all about the keywords you use in your resume. It works in a similar way as a search engine ranking a website. A query is run through their program and only the compatible matches appear in the search results.

So what you can do is look at the job descriptions of your specialty. It is most likely called a few different things. Reference it in your resume several times, each time calling it something different. So next time they run a search you’ll increase the likelihood of getting your resume in the hands of the right person.