Your wages are determined by the market value of your output. This is one economic reality that is lost on many people who make it a habit to complain about their low income. They think that they are entitled to earning a certain amount of money just because they have a job.

The truth is, the market value of your labor revolves around your productivity. The more productive you are, the more you’ll earn eventually. Your boss would be a fool to pay you too little because you can easily scoot on over to another employer who will gladly pay you based on your productivity.

While productivity is often thought of as a numerical value or quantity, there is another element to productivity that many people overlook-quality. The higher the quality of your work, the more valuable you are because you are more productive. Your boss can sell your output at a higher price. You are worth more to your employer. So if you want to increase the amount of money you’re making, you should focus on increasing the quality of your work.

Follow these tips on how to boost your work quality and, by extension, your income.

Double-check your work

Many companies lose quite a bit of money due to quality assurance problems. Often times, the cost of fixing a quality problem later in the production chain is worse than preventing the problem. This is the key to effectively boosting the quality of your work-double-check. This will prevent unnecessary drama down the road.

Also, when you constantly check the quality of your work, the value of your work will go up since your output is much better than fellow co-workers. Always assume that the report, product, or service you are producing is for a loved one. Think to yourself and wonder if it is the best quality you can produce. If you shoot for defect-free high-quality work, you will be rewarded eventually.

Always seek to increase quality

Quality work is not something that happens by accident, you have to actually keep quality in mind when you do your work. This means being very discriminating and having high standards. In any workplace, there are always some people who will give you a lot of peer pressure if you stick to higher standards.

Don’t listen to these people. Their lives will reflect their choice to stick to the path of least resistance. If you want to get the best in life, insist in following the highest standards. The less shortcuts you use, the higher the quality of your work and the more money you’ll make later in life.

Increase your knowledge

Finally, the true mark of a high-quality employee is the fact that the best employees always invest in their knowledge. By knowing more, they become indispensable and their output begin to embody the best their employer can produce. You should not just be stuck with what you know. You should always learn new things. And be able to adapt to different situations that may not be in your comfort zone. As Richard Kimball, founder and CEO of HExL, Inc. put it, ” Don’t let the momentum of a certain situation carry you into a bad decision. Be prepared to make midcourse corrections even if that is disruptive and unpopular.” Eventually, these people get promoted.