How to be a Successful YouTuber

Youtube advertising

Over the years YouTube turned into a social marketing and advertising platform from just a search engine. Now it is the second largest search engine in the world and it has grown so vast that it is not restricted to any particular set of people or a community. Because of its reach be it video bloggers, musicians, dancers, travelers, actors, filmmakers, chefs, entrepreneurs, activists or even politicians everybody has some use of this platform.  YouTube has become an irreplaceable and unignorable medium. If you are not leveraging its full potential then this article is a must read for you.

  • Set a goal

YouTube has diversified greatly and it is not limited to just putting up videos. Initially started as a place to upload and share videos, now it has come to the stage where you earn money from doing this. When views on a video cross the million mark then you start getting receiving revenue for it.

  • So you can use YouTube to just post videos. To reach a million viewers it must have viral content.
  • If you have a business then you can use YouTube for marketing your products and services. You can put up advertisements on YouTube but for that you would have to pay for it. On the other hand if you make a promotional video that is designed to reach the masses, then you can earn profits from there too.

The important thing is to have a clear picture in mind regarding your usage of YouTube. If your aim is set, only then can you work in a specific direction to make that a success. Because the recipe of a advertising video made particularly for a target audience is different from that of a viral video.

  • Work towards your goal

Once your expectations from YouTube are finalized then the next step is to work to make that expectation a reality. This can be achieved by making the video that you desire. Get this, viral videos do not happen by just fluke. Even the ones that get viral like that are very rare. The chances are very slim. You aren’t a causal blogger who is in the position to take such a risk. Therefore meticulously plan your video so that it reaches its target audience or goes viral. Choose content carefully and put it together in such a manner that no one has ever seen before. Curiosity levels hike whenever something new comes up and word spreads like wildfire. You have to cash in on this curiosity of the viewers.

But if your video is not getting viewership but instead designed for a target audience with whom you want to connect on a deeper level then make it according to the needs of your audience.

  • Accessibility

There are over two billion videos in YouTube. It is not difficult for your video to get lost in there. Add keywords in your video that are frequently searched so that people are able to easily find your video. Get a set of popular keywords from YouTube and incorporate those in your video.