Here are some suggestions on what you shouldn’t do when it comings to picking a career.

  • “Everyone says I’ll be great at it.” If your family says you should become a lawyer because you’re great at arguing, that doesn’t mean you should embark on this career path. You should choose a career because it’s your passion, not because others think you’ll be good at it.
  • “This job pays well.” When you a choose a job for the money your productivity will suffer, your happiness level will decrease over time and the stress will eat away years of your life.
  • “I don’t like my current career. It’s boring. I want to try something different.” That sounds good, but who’s to say that your new career won’t be equally as boring? Perhaps you’ll like it because of the newness of it, but that will soon fade away and you may find yourself in the same position you were in before. Perhaps even with lower pay and benefits.
  • “This will really impress them.” Picking a career to impress someone or make someone happy will not ultimately make you happy, which is the most important thing.