This Exam Session, Manage Your Time More Effectively

manage time during exam session

The minutes you’ve let go staring at the wall uselessly, the hours you’ve spent oversleeping, the days you’ve passed by making excuses for the task you were supposed to complete long before, the time you’ve wasted doing nothing or doing unimportant jobs is the time gone forever. You can never make up the time you lose.

You may have 24 hours in each day, but on the whole, do you have a productive day? Do you manage to utilize most of your time doing things that ultimately benefit you?

  1. The first to effective time management is organizing your life. Maintain an agenda diary, and learn to start your day by writing down all the important things you have to do. A to-do list will keep reminding you that you have things to do before you decide to spend some time doing useless This way you will not miss out on anything, because you will have all tasks in order.
  1. Once you have your to-do list ready, make sure you complete the listed tasks in an appropriate time period, not taking much time for a single job. This way you get done with all your work by night, and go to sleep early. Set strict sleeping schedule. Time management is very closely related to proper sleep timings. Our generation is used to wasting their entire days doing meaningless things, and working on their important assignments and presentations in the nights. Over time, sleep deprivation can lead to chronic health problems, negatively impacting your quality of life.
  1. Do not get sucked into unnecessary television. Is watching 2 hours of television more important than completing your assignment (which you do complete eventually by copying someone else’s work)? Cut the TV time, and complete your assignment on your own. Get one thing done first.
  1. Sometimes when you don’t take your claims seriously, you need another person to back you up. Surround yourself with competent people who can do the grunt work for you.
  1. Eliminate unnecessary communication. Limited phone and email

Value your life. Not using your time wisely or being lazy, apathetic, or doubtful are clear signs that you no longer value your life.

The clock is ticking. Time is the most valuable resource. Not using it wisely can lead to a fall, may never recover from. Life does give you many chances, but sometimes it now or never, there is no next time.