food blog

To satiate our hunger, we eat. Food is a basic human need. We eat to live. But there are a few out there who live to eat!

Imagine a job where you get paid for eating food!

Or, are you passionate about cooking and trying out new recipes but are stuck in the 9-5 job because of financial reasons and because you see no future in your passion?

You no longer need to slog yourself in that boring job just to pay the bills because you can earn enough through food blogs.

The advertisements put in your blogs will earn you money or you can earn  write articles for websites like Pinterest who will pay for it.

But to make your blog a hit, and increase readership you need to,

  • Make a connection with the readers

A dull and boring blog won’t attract readers. Like a 9-5 job has no takers, your blog won’t have any readers. Your passion for food and cooking needs to reflect through the blog and this will grab the attention of the readers.

For this your writing style needs to be different and engaging. Do not write it in a typical style. Put yourself and your emotions out there. At the same time do not overdo it. Maintain a healthy balance. Do not write for the sake of writing. Keep the audience glued to your blog. Add an unusual element of surprise to it.

  • Be active on social media

Social media marketing is very crucial for maintaining a constant hype about your blog. There is too much competition these days. Many new blogs come up every day. To make your blog stay and not fade away you need to active on social media. Put up posts regularly. Maintain a good response time, reply to all the comments on your blogs.

  • Style your blog

Even after writing uniquely, staying active on social media you may still end up getting low viewership. Because it still lacks one thing. Photographs! Visual attraction always works. A beautiful image stimulates the brain. So put up delicious picture of your recipes. Style your whole blog in such a way that it becomes a visual treat for the reader.

How to earn money from your blog?

Apart from putting up advertisements there are a few more things you can do to make money out of your blog.

  • Sell products

Over time you can approach companies or companies might approach you to put up their products for sale on your website. You obviously get commission for putting up their product on your blog.

  • Content writing for other websites

You can also start writing content  for others websites as your experience increases in your field.

The bottom line is that food blogging is sure an option which can be turned beyond being just a hobby  into a career. It may not be as easy as it sounds but it sure isn’t an impossible feat to achieve. Just requires a passion for food and the dedication to work incessantly.