They say that what you know is more important than how you look, but the truth lies somewhere in between. If you’re going to a job interview there are certain things you can do to get an advantage, so here are some tips on how to dress for your first job interview:

Be conservative. This means long pants instead of shorts, longer skirts rather than short ones. Skip the sleeveless look, too! Your top should have short or long sleeves, depending on the weather. If it’s cool out you might add a blazer or jacket to complete your outfit.

Cover your skin. We don’t mean head to toe; we mean no midriff showing and no cleavage. If your blouse is low cut you should add a scarf to look more professional.

Lower your shoes. Make sure your heels are on the short side, and don’t show off your toes.

Skimp on the accessories. If you wear jewelry make it on the small side rather than large bangles, hoops, and chains.

Go easy on the scents. Many people are sensitive to perfumes and colognes, so don’t overdo it in the smell department. Most likely your deodorant will be enough scent for a job interview.

Skip the food. Don’t chew gum, candy, or food before or during your interview. The same goes for smoking, so just resist until you’ve aced the interview!

These are basic tips that should be great for any interview situation. If you’re going for an important corporate position it’s a good idea to check the company website in advance. Look for a page dedicated to employees and pay attention to their photos. It should be easy to get an idea of the company dress code just by looking at the way your future coworkers are dressed. If you know someone already employed at the company feel free to ask them about the dress policy. That way you’ll be in line with the corporate dress code when you walk into the door, and that’s something your future employer is bound to notice.

Good luck in your new job!