This is a very hard post to write because I have been in the same position as you. If you are reading this post, you are probably thinking of leaving your current job to take on a new job or you are presently unemployed and are looking for employment. Regardless of the situation you’re in, I know how it feels to be jobless.

Recessions are a fact of life. They happen every decade if not more frequently. You really have to tough it out and keep sending your resume and pounding the pavement until your efforts produce a job. You will get lots of rejections, routed calls, answering machine messages, and ‘you are overqualified’ notifications.

Still, you have to keep on keeping on because the fact that you are jobless doesn’t mean you are worthless.  Too many jobseekers make this equation. The truth is, looking for a job is a competitive affair and there are just so many slots out there. The key is to come into the job interview with your best foot forward. Too many jobseekers defeat themselves when they come into the interview looking quite desperate, depressed, and defeated.

Follow the tips below and knock the ball out of the park when you step into that interviewer’s office.

Make eye contact

Anyone can make eye contact. That’s not the problem. The problem is that it is not just your eyes that are communicating, the area around your eyes has to communicate ease and candor as well. Try to ‘smile’ with your eyes. Interviewers can quickly sniff out your desperation from the way you look at them. You have to approach the interview from the vantage point of a person with nothing to lose. Don’t go overboard but don’t let desperation for a job as the bills continue to mount reduce you into a quivering mess either.

Speak with authority

The interview is a one-man show. You are the star, and you should act like it. It’s all about you. Of course, you are going to play up the fact that you are a team player but the focus is definitely on you. Speak with authority and confidence regarding what you contributed to the group and what your productivity and achievements are. Companies are looking for producers. They aren’t looking for people who ride the wagon but people who push it. You must speak authoritatively on your ability to contribute to the company’s goal of getting to the next level.