Don’t be an Eye Candy, Be a Soul Food

working on your weakness

Even though we are always told that looks don’t matter and it’s what on the inside that truly maters, the truth is that society has always made it necessary to appear presentable to a person you are about to meet for the first time, since we make our first impressions through our appearances. We cannot deny that body image is an important part of our overall personality, but it is not the ‘only’ thing that matters.

While hundreds of us are concentrating on getting our outfits right, constantly adding little things to our decorations, there is someone, one in those many hundreds winning over the world not by their appearance and superficial qualities, but through the depths of their soul and their productive qualities. We spend a lot of time, energy and money on making sure than we appear flawless on the outside. We put up expensive designer clothes, carefully molding ourselves to look perfect in the eyes of others, to appear sophisticated and to fit a certain stature and status. We do things against our better judgment to fit in with people who don’t even matter in our lives. There is there anything wrong with putting effort in to your clothes or appearance. You may be most attractive person on the outside, but are you interesting enough? Can you remember who you were before the world put a tag on you, and told you who you should be? The real question is, are you putting in the same kind of effort to beautify yourself on the inside? Are you working on your weaknesses and making proper use of your strengths and capabilities?

There are a lot of things we don’t like about ourselves. Instead of worrying about things we cannot change, we need to work on our bad habits which can be replaced by some good ones. If you have a medical condition of excessive sweating, we can only take some medicines and get it under control, but cannot get rid of it completely. Instead of worrying about what the interviewer is going to think about think your sweaty hands, you need to push this issue aside and simply focus on the things you can do to impress him. Never limit yourself to what you already know. Embrace your dark side, and incorporate them into your work. All of the best stuff comes from it, when you allow yourself to remain open to the unknown.

Remember, you are not just a name, height or weight. You are not just a gender or an age; you are not just a photograph. You are a thousand things, much more than what you were born with, much more than what the world decides to see in you. While the eyes gaze at the beauty, the souls look for virtues.