Perhaps the most off-putting element regarding enrolling at a university full time are those almighty costs. We frequently hear horror stories of students falling into terrible debt and the consequent stress this can bring to them and their families. However, nowadays, there is another more cost-effective option to consider when it comes to gaining a degree.

Studying for a degree through the means of distance learning is not only a brilliant way to get an education that will fit around your busy lifestyle, but it is also a cheaper alternative to traditional, campus based universities.

While tuition fees, textbooks, equipment, etc still need to be purchased for study, the total cost of distance learning courses almost always works out significantly less than the charges expected by a campus based university.

Distance learning is also studied from the comfort of your own home, meaning travel expenses, or the cost of renting living premises near to your university are instantly removed from the equation. There may also be grants and awards available to those who are looking to study a distance learning degree but are struggling financially.