Cyber Security Tips to Protect Your Business from a Downfall

Cyber security tips

Every invention comes with a set of positives and negatives. And many a times the line separating the two gets blurry. The intention is to say that when a positive becomes a negative can’t be told. This goes on to be true in case of our generation where everything is virtual. Computer, internet, software, artificial intelligence everything that is one by one limiting control by our own hands.

Even after so many years after the internet revolution, the truth is that we still do not completely understand it. And this gap is where all the cybercrimes are created, between the extent of the control of these things and our insufficient knowledge on the subject.

Nowadays businesses are getting virtual models in place and bringing with it the threat of cyber security. Here are some tips to keep cyber security threat at bay.

Outsourcing carefully

Now-a-days all the IT work is mainly outsourced. How is that a threat will be clear to you, just keep reading. When you outsource the IT work then all the mails of the business are handled by them. The easiest way to get a virus on the software is by clicking a suspicious link on the internet. These links have made their way to your professional email account. If you, by mistake, click on the link then all of your information will be accessible to the cyber criminals. It is as simple as that. Most of the time, such harmful suspicious links can be easily differentiated from the safe ones. But technology upgrades on both sides, in fact only faster in case of criminals. They have now come up with inconspicuous ways to put up such links on your emails. So it becomes quite easy for anyone to misjudge them and it doesn’t matter that much to your outsourced IT team. So before hiring an IT team, ensure that they can be trusted wholly with the precious business you made from scratch.

● Proper authentication

Do you use a VPN? Most people do and take for granted the security a VPN brings. You don’t need to be one of them. Or else, it won’t take much time for the criminals to make a login page just like yours and chuck out all the information of your employees one by one. In other words, do not overestimate the security that a VPN provides. A sunken username and password is not enough to protect the credentials of your employees and your company from the hackers.
Install a two factor authentication system in place that doesn’t give away any detail about either the company or their employees. It can be easily installed. Nowadays it comes pre-installed in some softwares.

● Design a solid system

If your company is a customer service based one and has an external portal that functions by collecting customer information then you need to be extremely careful of the system that you have in place. You can use systems already available in the software market. Or an even better option is to build one up by customizing according to your needs and installing encrypting devices that are exclusive for your system. Such a system will safeguard all the sensitive information of your customers.