Can’t Find A Job? Soften Your Target Job Description


If you are reading this, you are either looking for a job or thinking of switching jobs. Either way, your success in finding a new job truly center around the most important element of your job search. I am not talking about your resume-although a solid resume definitely helps. I am not talking about your specific job experiences either-although these go a long way in qualifying you for a new job. I am talking about something more important-your job search attitude.

If you look for work with the wrong attitude, not only are your chances of getting a job lower, but you might also be causing lots of damage to your self-esteem if you play your cards wrong. Consider the following tips below so you can look for a new job with a winning mindset.

Don’t be a slave to your preconceptions

Have you ever thought that you are so sick of being unemployed or so tired of your current job that you will take ‘any’ job? Well, that thought is quite common but people don’t really mean it. When they say ‘any’ they actually mean a job that fits in snugly with their preconception of the right job. While it is perfectly okay to have an idea of the job you’d like (I am not recommending you shoot in the dark, after all) if you define the ‘perfect’ job too tightly, you might end up unemployed for a long time.

In fact, if you define your perfect job tightly enough, you might never get employed. The truth is, the job market, specially for jobs the require analysis and great communication skills, is mutating quickly and jobs that exist now didn’t exist 10 years ago. Similarly, jobs that will exist five years from now don’t currently exist. This requires flexibility. If you are too rigid as to what you want to do, you might just be defining yourself out of the job market.

You’re not settling, but broadening your horizons

Another mental hurdle jobseekers place before them is the idea that they are ‘settling’ if they take an entry-level job or a trainee position. Regardless of how big the company, many jobseekers think there is something ‘demeaning’ about long term trainee position. This mindset is especially prevalent among people who are switching careers.

The truth is, you are not settling. You are just getting in on the ground floor and putting in your dues. You are broadening your horizons. This should be your mindset. You are putting in the time you need and paying the price you need to pay to get things moving forward. Let me put it this way: if you aren’t willing to pay the fare, you will never get on the road to the career you want. It’s that simple.

It’s not about the money

Besides the status issues discussed above, another common hurdle people place in front of them is that they won’t take any job that pays less than 50% or 75% of the wages they got from their previous job. Talk about pricing yourself out of the marketplace. The truth is, you aren’t entitled to any salary unless you can prove yourself. No one gets a free pass. Everyone has to produce. Change your mindset accordingly and don’t cheat yourself out of an awesome new job.