Working as a ‘team player’ is among the key hiring criteria for most companies. Yet, most of us end up with colleagues who do not play well with the others.

ways to get your colleagues to work with you

The morale and enthusiasm of an entire department can be hurt by one bad apple in the bunch. Colleagues must work together in harmony to achieve efficiency and high productivity. Working with others when you have a great work relationship also increases employee engagement. It makes work fun, boosting productivity.

Here are a few ways to make your team members work better with you.

1. Make team work a part of the performance management system to make it a priority

It will begin when someone joins the organization, with the performance expectations. The annual review process can include an assessment of contribution to teamwork. Once people are pushed together, working together as a team becomes part of the culture. If you simply set an expectation but do not measure it, it does not become a priority for the employees.

2. Do not complain to the management

We’re no longer in kindergarten. We cannot go running to our seniors for every small issue. Instead take steps to remedy the situation at the lowest levels.

3. Seek Advice and Ask for It

Although it is not advisable to go complaining to the management about a co-worker, you can always ask your supervisor for advice. You can then follow it to mend your relationships with the co-worker. Such a work culture promotes team dynamics. It also shows the seniors that you truly are a team player.

4. Communicate Directly

Communication is the key to a healthy work relationship. It is essential to communicate how you feel about someone’s behavior. If it is clear why the two of you are unable to work together, take the onus to improve the situation. Again if you complain, the person will hold a grudge against you, deteriorating your work relationship further. Instead clearing the air with the individual gives you two an opening to start afresh. Try to improve your relation and work out a strategy to work together peacefully to complete all assigned projects on time.

5. Engage the law of reciprocity

If you are happy to help, you will receive the same treatment. Make sure you are as good to the others as you expect them to be. Whenever you have some extra time, spend it helping your coworkers and they shall reciprocate in the same manner.

Reward great teamwork, make teams go out informally. All of this increases the priority status and belongingness among them and eventually fulfills the purpose.