5 Tips To Improving Your Resume

Before sending out your resume you should make sure and not overlook some common mistakes. Having someone else check your resume for you is a good way of making sure that everything on it is perfect. There might be something that you overlooked. But before you do that, you can proofread it yourself and fix some common resume writing mistakes. Here are some tips to help you improve your resume.

  • Use a dictionary. This one is a given. Use correct spelling and grammar. Use tenses correctly. Sometimes when you edit and re-edit sentences you leave unnecessary words in a sentence. Re-read it after you’re done.
  • Use a thesaurus. If you’re using a word like “good” and “fun” too much, use a thesaurus to find alternate words like “exceptional” and “exciting”. Instead of saying you were “interested” in something, say you were motivated or intrigued instead.
  • For numbers one – nine, spell the letters out. For numbers 10 and above you can write them in a numeric format.
  • Be consistent in how you write dates. If you’re going to do this: 03/10/2011 then don’t write 04-15-11 later on.
  • Don’t use too much punctuation. There’s no need to use more than one period, question mark or exclamation point. This is a resume not a text message.