For many people as they’re growing up, becoming a lawyer, like being a doctor or an astronaut, is one of the ultimate career options to go for.

Defending victims, prosecuting criminals and generally bringing justice to the world are worthwhile everyday pursuits for anyone, but there are actually a lot of other roles in world of law that you may not have considered. Here are just five to get you thinking.

Family law

Though perhaps not the most glamorous of specialities, it is perhaps in family law that you can make the most real difference in people’s lives. The time that they’ll be coming to you for help, is likely to be one of the most difficult and stressful that they’ll go through.

If you can be calm, understanding and proactive at this time, you’ll be able to make their lives easier, deal with the problem efficiently and hopefully come away with an outcome to make everyone happy.


Like family law, clients dealing with probate are likely to need a lot of support throughout the process.

Helping them to understand the complexities and specifics of the process can make a huge difference, and will help to get the estate distributed effectively and any disputes solved quickly.

Intellectual property

If you’ve always had a penchant for the inventiveness of the human mind, then dealing with intellectual property could be right up your street.

Helping people to patent and register their unique ideas to prevent any infringement of their inventions, or helping people to claim damages or sue for copyright if their has been a misuse of their intellectual property, can be very rewarding for the right person.


If dealing with day-to-day law doesn’t excite you, then maybe passing your wisdom and experience on to a new generation of keen minds will.

There are various ways you can incorporate education with law, from lecturing in colleges or universities to becoming a involved in education law in order to help ensure a better future for today’s children.


For anyone who enjoys an academic approach to the subject, and has a keen eye for prose and grammar, getting into publishing could be the ideal career move.

Use your skills to write or edit books and magazines on law, bringing your thoughts and opinions to the masses.