5 Careers For Travel Lovers

Do you love to travel but your job is keeping you at home full time? Perhaps you should consider a job that actually requires you to travel. There are availabilities in these jobs because many people just can’t be away from home due to their family responsibilities. Here’s a list of five careers that embrace world travelers.

  1. Become a tour guide. There are locations where American tourists flock to in astounding numbers like France, Italy, Mexico or Egypt. Some may be more comfortable touring these places with a fellow American.
  2. Travel nurse. The nursing profession is in demand so much that hospitals across the country are willing to pay for housing expenses in addition to a generous salary.
  3. Work on a cruise ship. These massive ships travel the world and can dock at a location and stay there for days, allowing you to take in the local colors as well.
  4. Teach English abroad. A native English speaker is highly coveted at universities overseas. Some companies are also looking experts on the American culture. They could run their ad campaigns by you first and you could tailor them to fit an American audience.
  5. Become a journalist. Whether you are a writer or a photographer, freelance or not, you can travel the world getting shots and stories.