4 Jobs That Didn’t Exist A Few Years Ago

If you want to find long term employment avoid working in industries that are on the decline. You can also avoid careers that are swamped with applicants. The careers below should give you a better shot at finding employment.

  • Social media. Companies are now looking for people to help them with their online presence on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • SEO. Companies are looking to get more traffic online. But instead of buying ads they want to appear higher up in the organic search results. So they hire a search engine optimization specialist to get them to the top.
  • Medical Billing And Coding. Healthcare is a complicated field with a lot of forms and medical terminology. The medical billers help companies navigate through all the paperwork.
  • Online Advertisement Manager. Companies are seeking people who can handle their online advertising. Before they would just have one advertisement manager, now they need one who specializes in the online ad market.