3 Types Of Workers That Are In Demand In 2013


If you’ve been dreading searching for a job because of the bad economy, there may be some good news coming your way. 2013 is expected to see a rise in demand for key types of workers and if you fit the profile for any of these categories, you might just be in luck. Read on to discover which 3 types of workers will be in-demand and why.

1. Recent College Grads

If you’re graduating college in 2013, the odds of you finding employment are significantly greater than your peers that graduated in 2012. Employers are expected to hire 13% more workers from the class of 2013 than they did from the class of 2012. This is great news for recent grads looking for job opportunities that don’t include the phrase, “would you like fries with that?”.

So which degrees are in-demand? Finance, computer science, accounting, business administration and mechanical engineering are the top performing degrees of 2013.

2. Construction

2013 is going to be one of the best years in recent history for the housing market. Major cities throughout the country are already seeing a rebound in home prices and developers are amping up to start producing houses after many years of stalled growth.

The construction industry is projected to add 100,000 jobs in 2013, giving many displaced workers the chance to get back in on the housing market. The trend doesn’t stop this year though – the industry is projected to add another 300,000 jobs in 2014, giving the rattled construction industry a much needed boost.

3. Government workers

The government has grown much less than it wanted to in the last few years. With the re-election of Obama and virtually no changes in the house or senate, you can expect the government sector to swell. New legislation and expansions will create 70,000+ jobs in 2013.

This increase in government jobs will likely mean a lot of internal promotions, however whenever one person is promoted, an entry level job opens up. New government positions are not only beneficial to seasoned workers, it’s also good news for those looking to change industries.

Many government jobs also have lower than average education requirements giving those without degrees a fighting chance. Of course, if you have a degree, use it to your advantage, but don’t be discouraged if you have more experience than education.

If you’re in any of these 3 industries, you’re in luck. You’ll find 2013 to be a great year to get a job or change jobs. Take advantage of the increased demand and finally get the job you’ve always wanted.