Just as it has for the past decade, the internet has continued to grow, expand, and evolve at an amazing pace, and this trend only looks to continue in the near future. This means new tech jobs being created in some cases, and more responsibility being placed on those already employed in others. Here are three emerging technologies that are driving job trends.

The Mobile Revolution

With cellphone service providers and phone manufacturers coming out with amazing new devices, and with tablet devices quickly becoming a staple within the mobile digital domain, more and more tech companies are seeking IT professionals, design and development experts, and marketing gurus to help them bridge the gap between internet at home and internet on the go.

Mobile site development is a trend that has received a significant amount of attention lately, as more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the web. Design and development experts are having to find ways to convert web sites into mobile-friendly versions for easier browsing, and marketing professional are finding new ways to promote these mobile sites, as well as track and read analytics.

As well, IT managers are faced with the task of interfacing with telecommunications companies in order to keep users connected, and because the development of apps has become a huge industry, as the open Android platform has given many companies a chance to promote themselves and their products and services through mobile marketing.

Cloud Computing

While some in the technology industry regard cloud computing as a bit over hyped, the fact is, the technology seems to be here to stay, or at least remain as a stepping stone to more networked technologies. As a result, IT professionals, including those involved in security, systems, web, and information engineering, are having to learn a new way of data transfer while balancing their traditional duties.

By using cloud technology, IT employees are also having to manage new hardware, such as servers providing cloud hosting, meaning IT professionals continue to be in great demand. As more companies turn to cloud hosting, many are creating new positions to deal with the management and security of the data being stored within the cloud, and most are also hiring training staff to handle the onslaught of new information. Many companies are now also using software like restoration management software as another means of backup solutions.

Social Media

Although social media is still relatively young, more and more tech companies are focusing on the implications it may have for the future. As such, internet marketing firms are continuing to expand as they take on the task of using social media to research and attract customers. Because social media offers so much in the way of gathering data, internet marketers are increasingly able to target demographics in a more focused fashion. In addition, design and development professionals are now focusing more on integrating social media technologies into traditional web pages, allowing for more marketing opportunities.