3 Effective Mobile Advertising Strategies you have to Employ Today

Smartphones are what we rely on in this digital age. We are so close to our phones that we just can’t keep them away from us, not more than a distance of arm’s length. This is the age of smartphones, and yet businesses are finding it difficult to engage with their customers through their mobile phones. But then, unlike desktops and laptops, mobile phones don’t exactly provide a predefined space for brands to approach their customers. This is one of the reasons why many brands use desktop marketing strategies for mobile phones as well. This is outdated and does not establish a proper emotional connection with the audience. Therefore, today, we present to a list of mobile branding strategies, so that you could engage well with your customers and provide them with a great user experience. Read along:

(1) While it is important to have a good understanding of “who” you are planning to target, it also important to plan out “when” you want to target them. The timing of your ad is crucial. You can’t simply present your ad whenever you get the opportunity to. You need to be able to recognize specific moments when your audience is the most receptive to new content online. For this you cannot rely on blatant automation, instead get yourself smarter data driven strategies. It is about understanding what your customer wants, and then use that data to shape your strategies accordingly.

(2) Once you’ve identified the timing correctly, you have to concentrate on delivering the ad seamlessly. You have to make sure the format of your ad is user-friendly. For this, you might have to work with app developers. People tend to have a well established connect with the developer and his/her app, so by aligning yourself with the developer, you are increasing the chances of receptiveness amongst the users.

(3) The next thing on the list is probably the most important one – providing your users with valuable content. If you want your users to give you their attention, you have to make it is worth their time. You have to give them a reason to appreciate your brand or on the least, take notice. You could add some coupons to deliver instant gratification. Just remember, a user doesn’t spend much time on ads, so it is important that your start is perfectly lined up with their tastes.