According to a recent study, there appears to be an east-west divide in the capital in relation to how many people are applying for each available position in London, this seems to be comparable to the north-south split on employment across the UK. Depending on the area you live in London, you could be competing with twenty four other people when applying for a job.

On average, there are nine people applying to each job in London, where as for the rest of Britain, this figure drops by one third, to six. The eastern half of London has it the toughest, especially Waltham Forest. This is the most competitive borough with twenty five people applying for one position, closely followed by Hackney, where there are twenty two people competing.

The western areas of London are the least competitive in which Kingston came out on top. If you are lucky enough to live in this borough, on average there are just three people chasing one job and this figure only slightly increases to four when moving across to Hillingdon and Richmond. These are all less than the average across Britain.

Whilst the likes of bankers are sitting happily picking up bonuses, many others are struggling. Although ministers have claimed that there are plenty of jobs out there (454,765 still available across the UK), the fact that high numbers of people are applying for each vacancy means that many areas in London are beginning to struggle. As a result this is causing terrible black spots which are leading to huge economic and social damage to areas.

Figures show that there are 100,000 more people in work now in London than in May 2010, and this figure can keep on rising as there are still 107,473 jobs available in and around London, and more specifically 12,011 jobs in West London and 3,403 jobs East London, ranging from a variety of positions.